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Dreams really do come true.  Our dream started very small, to simply enjoy time together as a family, focusing on each other and sharing stories, dreams, fires and of course a s’more or two.  That is how our passion for camping got started.


Off we went to purchase a tent, propane stove, air mattress, sleeping bags, cooking and eating utensils.  Did I forget to mention that our daughter was about 4 years old at this time?  We spent many weekends throughout the next few years camping around.  We enjoyed meeting new people and learning what we, and our fellow campers, liked and disliked about each campground we visited. But one thing stayed consistent each evening for Samantha and that was… roasting marshmallows to have a “Streed” s’more, get jammies on, grab the blankie, and getting rocked to sleep by the campfire. 

 About U

Our dream soon grew into wanting to be part of a seasonal camping community.  We packed away our tent and purchased a travel trailer to park on a seasonal campsite.  This is when our dream of owning a campground started to take root. We spent the next 10 or so years between a couple different areas as seasonal campers. We visited as many campgrounds as we could in the area around where we stayed, gathering ideas on our own and also talking to the campers to hear their thoughts and ideas.  Many evenings we stuck to our tradition of the Streed s’more by the campfire before heading off to bed; we kind of had to give up on rocking Samantha to sleep, she simply got too big. 


This brings us to today; our dream is coming true.  We purchased a campground in the fall of 2011 and are creating the campground of our dreams, Camp S’more.  Come stay with us and let us help you start or continue your camping traditions.


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